three or more Easy Steps to Find Your Audience upon Quora Ads

I have recommended Quora Ads to every client I’ ve worked with since the channel was in beta. Some of those customers gave immediate pushback thinking yet another channel wasn’ t worth enough time. Most of those clients felt their audience wouldn’ t even be on the channel at all. But most of the time, my clients found their audience and success advertising on Quora. Let me show you ways to easily find your audience on Quora in just three steps – no matter what industry you are in.

Why You Need to Find Your Audience on Quora

If you feel exactly the same way on either of those pushbacks, I’ m going to prove you wrong. Quora already has more users than Pinterest . It is a channel PPC marketers would be foolish to continue to ignore.

And I say this based on my very own experience. The first client I got on Quora Adverts over a year ago had a $25 CPA on Google. On Quora, we were getting a $1 CPA. Yes, you are not likely to get the same volume as the big search engines. But if you’ re looking to hit a highly relevant group who are actively researching questions about products or services you sell, you need to be using Quora Ads.

Step 1: See How Many of Your website Visitors Already Visit Quora

The first step for each and every marketer interested in Quora Ads is signing up for a business account. After your account is created, you will get your Quora pixel to add to every page of one’s site. I have found the easiest way to implement the Quora pixel is with Google Tag Manager.

Once the pixel is installed on your own site or landing pages, you’ ll be able to create remarketing audiences just like the one we see below.

Quora Adverts audience Quora pixel

Once your audience is created, give it some time to populate. You may find out pretty quick how many of your current users already are on Quora.

Quora Ads audience "Create Web site traffic Audience"

Here’ s one example of litigant I had who initially thought none of their users would even be on Quora:

Quora Ads audience client audience example

Yup, that’ s 110, 000 estimated unique users. Tell me again about how your users are most likely not on Quora? Okay, that has been mean, but it was really easy for me to disprove their assumption.

Want to know the best part about this step? You don’ t even need to enter your charge card information to get this data. That’ s right. You can sign up for Quora Ads, get the pixel, and create audiences without having to pay a penny on ads. No more excuses!

Step 2: Upload Your Email Lists to Test List Match Audiences

On a single Audiences page where we created our website traffic audiences, Quora advertisers also have the option to upload their email lists to use as audience targets . The wonder of list match for Quora Ads is that you need a list of only 200 users for your campaigns.

Quora Ads audience "Create List Match Audience"

It is important to remember that the vast majority of users on Quora subscribe using their personal email. If your email lists consist of company emails, it isn’t really the best option for you to test. But no real matter what, give it a try and see if you can start advertising to a very specific band of your current customers, or better yet, a good list of leads in your pipeline.

Step three: Search for Industry Questions and Topics Yourself

One of the easiest ways to find out if your audience is on Quora is to just search for the topics yourself. Yes, I am serious. I’ ve worked with all sorts of clients in lots of industries, and I can easily find topics or questions to satisfy each and every client I have ever had.

Does your business book trips for people to go to South America? Search for it. Your audience is on Quora.

Quora Adverts audience South America

Work in CNC machining? Search for it. It’ s there.

Quora Ads audience CNC Matching

Want to help people looking for help with property law ? Your audience is definitely on Quora.

Quora Adverts audience real estate law

Sell a variety of lawn mowers? Yeah, you probably guessed it. It’ s on Quora too.

Quora Adverts audience lawn mowers

I’ m just showing you topics right now. Even though your industry’ s topics don’t have a ton of followers, see if you can find questions with a lot of activity. It is possible to target the individual questions instead of the topic. The volume may not be there, but you can also be the only company putting ads on those low-volume questions.

Odds Are Your Audience Is on Quora

I always recommend that my clients try out Quora Ads, and I am very confident you will be able to utilize this platform to engage with your market, as well. So give my suggestions a try. Sign up for Quora Ads and use these three easy steps to get your audience on Quora.  

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