The Quarter-Million Reasons to Use Moz’s Hyperlink Intersect Tool

Let me tell you a story.

This begins with me in a hotel room midway across the country, trying to figure out how I’m going to property a contract from a fantastic new guide, worth annually $250, 000. We all weren’t in over our minds by any measure, but the possible client was definitely looking at exactly what most would call “enterprise” options and we weren’t exactly “enterprise. inch

Could we fulfill their needs? Hell yes we’re able to — better than our enterprise competition — but there’s a saying that “no one ever got fired designed for hiring IBM”; in other words, it’s always secure to go with the big guys. All of us weren’t an IBM, so I understood that by reputation alone i was in trouble. The RFP was thick, but like most SEO gigs, presently there wasn’t much in the way of opportunity to actually differentiate ourselves from our competitors. It might be another “anything they can do, we are able to do better” meeting where all of us grasp for reasons why we were much better. In an industry where so many in our best clients require NDAs that will prevent us from producing great case studies, how could I show we were up to the task?

In less than 12 hours we would become meeting with the potential client and I necessary to prove to them that we could take a step that our competitors couldn’t. In the world of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, link building is usually street cred . Absolutely nothing gets the attention of a client quicker than a great link. I understood what I needed to do. I necessary to land a killer backlink, totally white-hat, with no new content technique, no budget, and no time. I actually needed to walk in the door using more than just a proposal — I necessary to walk in the door with evidence.

I’ve been around the prevent a few times when it comes to link building, so I was not at a loss when it came to ideas or even strategies we could pitch, but exactly what strategy might actually land a link within the next few hours? I started operating prospecting software left and right — all of the tools of the trade I had inside my disposal — but imagine the surprise when the perfect opportunity sprang up right in little outdated Moz’s Open Site Explorer Hyperlink Intersect tool. To be honest, I had not used the tool in ages. There were built our own prospecting software upon APIs, but the perfect link simply popped up after adding in some of their competitors on the off possibility that there might be an opportunity or 2.

There it was:

  1. 3, 800 basic linking domains to the page itself
  2. The page was soliciting distribution
  3. Took pull demands for submissions on GitHub!

I immediately posted a request and began the particular refresh game, hoping the repo was being actively monitored. By the following morning, we had ourselves a link! Not simply any link, but despite the customer having over 50, 000 main linking domains, it was now the 15th best connect to their site . You can imagine myself anxiously awaiting the part of the conference where we discussed the various explanations why our services were superior to those of our competitors, and then proceeded to show that superiority with an amazing white-hat backlink acquired just hours prior to.

The quarter-million-dollar agreement was ours.

Hyperlink Intersect: An undervalued link building method

Backlink intersect is among the oldest link building techniques in our business. The methodology is simple. Take a listing of your competitors and identify the back links pointing to their sites. Compare individuals lists to find pages that overlap. Pages which link to two or more of the competitors are potentially resource webpages that would be interested in linking to your web site as well. You then examine these sites is to do outreach to determine which ones are really worth contacting to try and get a backlink.

Let’s walk through a basic example using Moz’s Link Intersect tool.

Getting started

We start on the Link Intersect page of Moz’s new Link Explorer. While there were Link Intersect in the old Open up Site Explorer, you’re going to want to make use of our new Link Intersect, which is made from our giant index of thirty trillion links and is far more effective.

For our example here, We’ve chosen a random gardening organization in Durham, North Carolina called Backyard Environments. The website has a Domain Specialist of 17 with 38 basic linking domains.

We can go on and copy-paste the domain into “Discover Link Opportunities for this URL” towards the top of the Link Intersect page. If you notice, we now have the choice of “Root Domain, Subdomain, or Exact Page”:

Choose between site, subdomain or page

I almost always choose “root domain” because I tend to be promoting a website as a whole and am not thinking about acquiring links to pages on the website from other sites that already hyperlink somewhere else on the site. That is to say, by selecting “root domain, ” any web site that links to any page on the site will be excluded from the recruiting list. Of course , this might not be befitting your situation. If you have a hosted weblog on a subdomain or a hosted web page on a site, you will want to choose subdomain or exact page to make sure a person rule out the right backlinks.

You also have the ability to choose regardless of whether we report back to you root connecting domains or Backlinks. This is important and I’ll explain why.

choose in between page or domain

Depending on your link building campaign, an individual vary your choice here. Let’s say you are considering resource pages that you can list your site on. If that’s the case, you will want to choose “pages. ” The Link Intersect tool will prioritize pages that have links in order to multiple competitors on them, which are probably resource pages you can target for the campaign. Now, let’s say you would instead find publishers that talk about your competition and are less concerned about them connecting from the same page. You want to discover sites that have linked to multiple rivals, not pages. In that case, you would select “domains. ” The system will then come back the domains that have links in order to multiple competitors and give you illustration pages, but you wont be restricted only to pages with multiple rivals on them.

In this instance, I’m looking for resource pages, therefore i chose “pages” rather than domains.

Choosing your competitor websites

A common mistake produced at this point is to choose exact competitors. Hyperlink builders will often copy and insert a list of their biggest competitors plus cross their fingers for good results. What you really want are the best hyperlink pages and domains in your market — not necessarily your competitors.

In this example I chose the growing plants page on a local university, some North Carolina gardening and wildflower organizations, and a popular page that listings nurseries. Notice that you can choose subdomain, domain, or exact page too for each of these competitor URLs. I suggest choosing the broadest category (domain being broadest, exact page getting narrowest) that is relevant to your business. If the whole site is relevant, go on and choose “domain. ”

Examining your results

The outcomes returned will prioritize pages that will link to multiple competitors and have a higher Domain Authority. Unlike some of our own competitors’ tools, if you put in the competitor that doesn’t have many backlinks, it’s not going to cause the whole report to fail. We all list all the intersections of hyperlinks, starting with the most and narrowing right down to the fewest. Even though the nurseries site doesn’t provide any intersections, all of us still get back great results!

analyze link results

We now have some really great opportunities, but you now have two choices. If you actually prefer, you can just export the particular opportunities to CSV like any other device on the market, but I prefer to go forward and move everything over in to a Hyperlink Tracking List .

add to hyperlink list

By shifting everything into a link list, we will be able to track link acquisition as time passes (once we begin reaching out to these websites for backlinks) and we can also kind by other metrics, leave information, and easily remove opportunities that will don’t look fruitful.

What did we find?

Remember, we started off with a web site that has barely any links, yet we turned up dozens of easy possibilities for link acquisition. We resulted in a simple resources page on woodland resources, a potential backlink which could very easily be earned via a piece of content material on forest stewardship.

example opportunity

We turned up a great useful resource page on how to maintain healthy garden soil and yards on a town govt website. A simple guide covering the exact same topics here could easily make a link from this resource page with an important website.

example opportunity 2

These were just two types of easy link targets. From neighborhood gardening pages, websites dedicated to nearby creek, pond, and stream recovery, and general enthusiast sites, the hyperlink Intersect tool turned up simple back-link gold. What is most interesting to me, even though, was that these resource pages certainly not included the words “resources” or “links” in the URLs. Common prospecting strategies would have just missed these possibilities altogether.

While it was not the focus of this particular campaign, Used to do choose the alternate of “show domains” rather than “pages” that link to the particular competitors. We found similarly helpful results using this methodology.

example listing of domains opportunity

For instance , we found CarolinaCountry. com acquired linked to multiple of the competitor websites and, as it turns out, would be an ideal publication to pitch for a tale as part of a PR campaign just for promoting the gardening site.


The newest Link Intersect tool in Moz’s Link Explorer combines the power of our own new incredible link index with all the complete features of a link prospecting device. Competitor link intersect remains probably the most straightforward methods for finding link possibilities and landing great backlinks, plus Moz’s new tool coupled with Hyperlink Lists makes it easier than ever. Go ahead and provide a run yourself — you may just find the exact link you will need right when you need it.

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