six Super Effective Ways to Up Your Video clip Email Marketing Game

Video and e-mail go together like ketchup plus eggs. Some people love it, while others really are a bit confused by the concept. Individually, I’ m a fan— associated with both! Adding a little acidity from your tomato-based ketchup to a nice scramble hits the spot every time, but I could understand the controversy. Ketchup is typically paired with burgers and french fries, so grabbing that squeeze container for breakfast breaks up that regimen. If you’ re looking to get from your everyday marketing routine and spice some misconception, exploring the use of video outside of Youtube . com channels and social platforms could be the way to do just that.

Everybody knows how effective and captivating video clip is in marketing.   According to HubSpot, 87% of companies use video as a marketing tool in some capacity. If you are among those marketers who has played it secure with video keeping your content restricted to website landing pages and interpersonal platforms, it’ s time to get married to these two beautiful marketing tools.

video email marketing

What is movie email marketing?

Video e-mail marketing does not necessarily mean that your email receivers will be playing videos without departing their inboxes. In fact , marketers usually use video email marketing in the capability of linking a video thumbnail picture within an email to a landing page in which the video lives.

“ Because of spam and security reasons, inlayed videos are not supported in e-mail across most major email customers, ” says HubSpot .

Another thing to consider if you are trying to go the particular technical route of embedding a directly into your email is that it may not work for all email receivers and may default to your fallback image (assuming you have one set-up). In order to be secure, it’ s easy and effective to produce a video thumbnail image, paste that will into your email, and link the whole image to a landing page where your own video lives.

Here’ h an example of an email I received through America’ s Test Kitchen associated with what this looks like:

video email image with Fresh new Pasta

Whilst that image might look like a video clip, it’ s actually an image having a fake play button that hyperlinks to a gated landing page that requires me personally to sign up for a course to access it content.

video email marketing squeeze page example

Why is using video in e-mail effective?

Did you know that the regular office worker receives 121 emails daily ? What could be a better method to stand out from the noise then integrate some engaging video content directly into these emails? But how efficient is video email marketing, really? I’ ll let the statistics speak meant for themselves…

Wistia , a video software business, found that making use of video in email led to 300% increase in email click-through rates compared to emails without movie. Even just using the word “ video” in your email subject outlines has been found to increase open prices by 19% , and reduce unsubscribes by 25%!

Data shows that video clip in email is effective, so what are you currently waiting for? Here are some effective ways to begin incorporating more video content into the marketing emails today.

1 .   Set up a video squeeze page with a powerful CTA

As we discussed above, embedding a video for your email receivers to watch right inside that screen is not typically the smartest choice due to restraints put in place by many e-mail providers. Turn that frown inverted, though, because this is actually a good thing! Precisely why? Think about it: You likely want your own email subscribers to complete a specific activity, and that doesn’ t involve all of them staying in their inbox. Another thing to consider is how a video within an e-mail would play on mobile— simply no video is better than a bad video.

“ The bulk of video-in-email assistance is on iPhone, where the movie will take over the whole screen whilst it’ s playing. So whilst your viewers are watching, they’ re not also seeing that CTA, ” says Brendan Schwartz, creator and CTO of Wistia.

The bottom line? Embedding a thumbnails image into your email and linking to a landing page where that will video lives is likely to be much more advantageous.

Take this example below through Scorpion Legal Marketing.

video thumbnail in email example

Rather than maintaining their leads restricted to watching a within the email itself, leads are usually directed to a landing page to find not just one, but two calls to motion that will push them further throughout the sales funnel.

second .   Market your local event along with video emails

Did your company host monthly happy hrs for your local customers? Perhaps you operate a brick-and-mortar athletic store that retains weekly free yoga classes to create in new customers? Whether you are hosting a little local event or a larger worldwide conference, why not create a video e-mail campaign to spread the word?

Promoting events through email works well because it is like sending an invite right to someone’ s mailbox. This just makes sense! And what better way to make your audience interested than by interesting them with a stunning video. Whether it’ s a professional video clip recapping last year’ s occasion or a short-and-sweet video of an moving yoga teacher at work, video e-mail is a powerful tool to press those on-the-fence attendees through your doorways.

HubSpot continuously will this well promoting Inbound, their own annual marketing and sales conference kept in downtown Boston. As a regular past attendee, I can recall becoming drawn in often by their impactful utilization of video in email. Check out the instance I found in my inbox below.

Inbound event promotion email

I love the way they personalized the email with my title and included not one, but 2 CTAs in the email. Not only could they be providing me with content to view from the 2016 event, but they are usually encouraging me to register for the forthcoming event. This is effective because offering quality video content from a previous event can motivate those who skipped out to register for the next event. The only method to strengthen this email will be with a beautiful video thumbnail!

video link in Incoming event promo email

3.   Include personalized video emails into your product sales process

Yes, I am aware this blog post is for all you stunning marketers out there, but let’ t be honest: a big part of efficient marketing is helping fuel your own sales team. Sales teams are often occupied in their day-to-days trying to hit quotas, so sometimes they need a press from their friends in marketing. Given that marketing and sales are so closely in-line, why not work with your sales people to motivate them to marry movie and email, as well? If you can display your sales team that using video clip with increase their deal closing quantities, they’ ll be in!

Documenting quick video even directly throughout your computer and then sending it in order to a hot lead only requires a matter of seconds, yet doing this can be insanely effective in terms of upping response rates.

Check out this particular example from BluLeadz , a marketing and advertising agency based in Florida. They chose to use video and email collectively to speed up the buyer’ ersus journey and found that doing this led to a thirty six. 9% higher close rate when you use personalized videos with email !

personalized video within email

Wistia came out with an awesome product known as Soapbox that makes creating these fast videos even easier. It’ ersus a Google Chrome extension that allows you to definitely record your screen and your self simultaneously! Then, you can edit it to show just yourself, your display screen, or both, and send this over to your lead.


4.   Send out customer tale videos to your leads

All too often marketers make the mistake of speaking too much… Yes, we realize that YOU, the marketer, who is becoming paid to market, thinks the business you might be marketing is the best thing since sliced up bread. Duh! Isn’ t this more effective to let your delighted customers do the promoting for you?

There is no better way to do this compared to with video! When your potential customers can easily see a real human talk about their encounter in a genuine manner the chances of believe in developing and a sale occurring will be that much higher. What better method to deliver these powerful customer testimonies then directly to your leads mailbox?

story video e-mail example

Make use of this example from TouchBistro , a POS solution for restaurants. They required a powerful customer story, turned this into a video, and showed exactly how their software actually delivered economic results for a customer. If that will wouldn’ t convince a cafe owner to buy the product, I do not really know what else would.

5.   Use video e-mail marketing to upsell current customers

We’ ve talked a great deal about the pool of leads you happen to be currently pursuing, but what about your present customer base? What are you performing to keep the revenue coming in through them— and more importantly what are a person doing to increase the revenue arriving from your current customer database? The probability of supplying a new prospect is between five and 20%, while the probability associated with selling to an existing customer is sixty to 70% , according to the writers of Marketing Metrics .

graph of customer upsell impact

In many cases, your very best market is the one you curently have. This is especially true when it comes to email marketing with movie, because these customers are the ones that are most likely to take the time to watch a you send out since they are already committed to your brand.

To do this the majority of effectively work with the email expert on the team to segment your client base in terms of what products they have purchased, which should help you determine the greatest potential upsell opportunities. For instance, in case you sell a variety of financial tools and you also know that investors who buy one facet of your product are likely to get worth from purchasing another system that you simply sell, then create a video displaying them that the financial growth possible they could have if they opened their particular wallet a bit wider. This could be via a testimonial type video, like the one particular above, or a fun video a person create in house, but just make sure to make use of the time wisely while you have their interest.

6.   Put in a GIF to your video marketing email messages

The thing about video clip consumption is that short and sugary almost always wins. With our world filled with distractions like Instagram and Snapchat, attention spans continue to shrink therefore sometimes cutting the video all together could be the best move for a certain e-mail push. In this case, opt for using a GIF instead, which is essentially a short plus fun animation that can be easily put into your email template since the document itself falls under the image type.

Whether it’ s several words jiggling around on the web page, a funny dance move, or perhaps a cartoon firework display, get innovative with your design team to enhance your emails and spark the eye of your audience.

Take the instance below that I received from The Loft area. Rather then sending me a boring outdated picture of a model in a raincoat, they brought the clothing to our lives for me with a fun GIF. The time and effort of making a GIF is definitely worthwhile, because it got me to click on through and browse their springtime selection.

Loft promotional email
image from Loft email gif

While incorporating a video component to your email marketing workflows might seem like extra work, ideally this post showed you that getting married to video and email is worth the particular added effort. Before you know it, your e-mail metrics will be going off-the-charts!

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