Key: Follow These Steps to Drive Free Potential clients from Facebook

What does the lead gen marketer love a lot more than leads?

free leads on facebook

Free leads obviously! So when I learned about an disregarded tactic that allowed us to begin funneling our Facebook page visitors into leads at zero price, you can imagine how I excited I was.

Today I’ mirielle going to walk you through the procedure for building out a Facebook guide form to pin at the top of your company page. Spoiler alert: It’ s i9000 free lead gen and it’ s simple!

The Situation on Fb

As we’ ve talked about in the last few months, Facebook has made major changes to their news give food to and marketing transparency . Going back to Mark Zuckerberg’ s statement post , we remember his declaration:

“ A t we roll this out, you will see less public content like articles from businesses, brands, and press. And the public content you see a lot more will be held to the same regular – it should encourage meaningful relationships between people. ”

Could seems scary at a first look, the keyword here is less – Facebook isn’ t likely to get rid of the revenue they make from marketers, they are simply going to limit the amount and demand more quality off their business pages. Therefore , more than prior to, it’ s crucial for marketers to create meaningful content and build up wedding with their page on Facebook.

The Opportunity

By posting joining content on Facebook, you’ lmost all grow your organic following and start generating more visits to your Facebook company page than before. Now, here’ ersus your opportunity to funnel this page visitors into leads.

Your Facebook company page should be treated like your website’ s homepage… and you wouldn’ capital t leave your homepage without a persuasive call to action, would you?

facebook business web page shop now button

However , the current details tabs and recent posts in your business page offer a long way to conversion… until you start leveraging real estate of your pinned post!

8 Steps to Creating Your Pinned Lead Ad on Facebook

Could may look like a long list of methods, trust me, it only takes roughly 10-20 mins to get done:

The first step : Navigate to your forms library.

Go to your Fb page, select “ publishing tools” and then navigate to “ types library” on the left sidebar:

forms collection in facebook

Step 2: Create the lead type.

Starting out within the content section: name your type, add an introduction and list the questions. By sure to add your own privacy policy and include a link to your thanks page.

facebook lead generation form

Step 3: Review your configurations.

Once the content material section is complete, review the particular settings. In order to complete this process, you’ ll need to adjust the form settings from restricted to open:

facebook lead style campaign settings

Now your form is usually ready!

Step four: Create the campaign.

Navigate to Ads Supervisor to create your lead generation campaign:

create a guide gen campaign in facebook ads

Phase 5: Set up your campaign.

There’ s no requirement to specify your targeting or alter the default campaign settings otherwise you ad will only show in your page’ s pinned post position. Nevertheless , to ensure that this will be a non-paid strategy, make sure you set up your campaign using the following settings:

  • Daily budget: $5
  • Schedule: Set the final date to 24 hours after you release the campaign.
facebook lead gen strategy budget

Since we’ ll need the particular campaign to be reviewed before pausing it out, this will ensure that you can spend no more than $5 from the strategy in total.

Phase 6: Publish!

Publish the campaign and get around to page posts to find your own ads post:

facebook lead gen for free

Select the right ad post and select “ publish” in the actions drop down.

Step 7: Pin number the post.

Now, head to your business page plus pin your new article.

pin guide form post facebook

Step 8: Stop the ad campaign.

Finally, head back to ads supervisor and pause out your campaign.

pause facebook advertisement campaign

The Final Result

In order to see this tactic in action, head on to our Facebook web page :

how in order to pin a lead ad upon facebook

Once you get your pinned post reside, you can monitor and download brand new leads in the forms library inside Publishing Tools.

Why Pinned Guide Ads Are So Powerful

In 8 easy steps, you can leverage the conversion-driving power of Facebook’ s guide forms with the compelling visibility of the business page’ s pinned placement. What’ s not to like?

I will leave you along with three final reminders for making probably the most of this underused tactic:

  • Make sure your form configurations have “ open” selected
  • Pause your marketing campaign once the first 7 steps are completed
  • Frequently update the creative and offer

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