Introducing Growth Academy: Free, On-Demand Digital Marketing Courses

Knowledge is power. Here at WordStream, we pride ourselves on being one of the most in-depth sources of digital marketing knowledge in town. Want to learn how to create impactful Facebook audiences? We have a blog for that. Want to learn how to write better PPC ad copy? We have a blog for that, too.

The written word is powerful. And we wouldn’t trade it. But folks learn in all sorts of different ways.

One of the most popular ways to do so today is video. Which got us thinking: How could we bring the most fundamental digital marketing knowledge to our readers in a format that would be as simple to consume as possible? And not just digital marketing. But the fundamentals of growing a business. Of winning new agency clients. Of understanding YouTube advertising.

Now, for the first time, we’ve brought all these fundamentals under one roof. And we’ve done so in a free, immersive, on-demand format that is actionable for marketers and businesses of all kinds.

Welcome to Growth Academy by WordStream.

What is Growth Academy?

Growth Academy is a comprehensive, interactive roadmap to growing your business through digital marketing, including online advertising, lead generation, ecommerce, and more. Oh, and we’d be remiss to mention that it’s not only completely free, but also taught by some of the top marketing experts in the industry.

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Some of the best learning takes place in the field, through experience. But we’re confronted with new challenges, new channels, and new disciplines on a near-daily basis. Maybe you’re an in-house SEO who has just been given the reins to your company’s PPC accounts. Or maybe you’re a small business owner trying to learn to finer points of social media brand development. Whatever the case: Training yourself prior to or during your work on new frontiers can be an invaluable part of success.

We created Growth Academy with precisely that goal in mind: to give marketers and businesses a better chance at succeeding—in a diverse set of disciplines, and on a daily basis.

What kind of course material is available in Growth Academy?

We’re launching Growth Academy with a full suite of digital marketing training lessons. We will also be adding to that suite frequently—so if there’s a growth topic you’d like to learn about and you don’t see it live at the moment, leave us a comment at the end of this post (or tweet us @WordStream). You can rest assured we’ll be working on it.

Currently, we have courses available across four different disciplines of digital marketing and business growth. These are:

  1. Learn the basics of online advertising.
  2. Get more leads.
  3. Sell more products online.
  4. Grow my agency.

Let’s dive into each course and take a brief glimpse at what they have to offer.

Ready to get started now? Sign up for Growth Academy here!

Learn the basics on online advertising

This course is exactly what it sounds like: online advertising in a nutshell. Taught by a variety of online advertising experts, including Greg Herrmann, WordStream’s head of hearning and development, the course runs through all the fundamentals of setting up your paid marketing campaigns for success.

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In this course, you’ll learn things like this:

  • How search engines work.
  • How to effectively target keywords in your niche.
  • How the dynamics of the Google Ads auction determine where your ads live.
  • How to target audiences on Facebook.

And so much more. Understanding online advertising is a pivotal part of understanding how to scale your business online. This course gives you all the tools you need to do just that.

Get more leads

Whether you’re a local service business, an enterprise seller of software as a service, or anything in between: lead generation is the name of the game. The growth of your business hinges on your ability to sustain a healthy marketing funnel that generates leads on one end, nurtures them, then produces customers on the other.

This course gives marketers and businesses focused on lead generation the insights they need to convert qualified leads time and again.

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In this course, you’ll learn things like this:

  • Using keyword intent to generate leads through Google Ads.
  • The basics of lead generation on Facebook.
  • How to present the right offer at the right time.
  • How to effectively set your demographic and geographic targeting.

And, of course, much more. The course teaches lead generation marketers how to take a holistic, multi-platform approach to marketing. Rest assured, your sales team will thank you. 

Sell more products online

Let’s talk for a moment about the flip side of the coin: ecommerce marketing. Ecommerce is growing at a rampant pace. Facebook, Google, and Amazon are three of the most impactful ways for direct-to-consumer businesses to reach and convert new prospects.

35% of Google product searches turn into transactions within five days. Our course teaches ecommerce marketers how to turn as many of those searches as possible into paying customers.

Growth Academy's ecommerce course screen shot

In this course, you’ll learn things like this:

  • How to sell products online using Google Shopping.
  • How to set up your Shopping feed in Merchant Center.
  • How to pick placements across Facebook and Instagram. 
  • How to write product copy that actually converts.

And (again) much more.  Because inciting a purchase is considerably harder than inciting a form fill, ecommerce businesses have some of the lowest conversion rates around. In this course, you’ll learn how to qualify and convert prospects at a rate that blows your competitors away.

Grow my agency

Marketing agencies face so many unique challenges. Not only do they have to learn how to operate multiple businesses (often across multiple niches), but they have to prevent those businesses from churning while simultaneously winning new business.

Our course teaches agency stakeholders how to consistently win new business while they’re executing the kind of account work that will allow them to retain their existing book.

Growth Academy's agency-focused course screen shot

In this course, you’ll learn things like this:

  • How to effectively price your services.
  • How to add new services across multiple disciplines.
  • How to reduce overhead while maximizing profit.
  • How to find new clients and add new revenue streams.

And—you guessed it—so much more. Agencies: It’s all here. This is a roadmap designed exclusively for you. Get ready to scale.

How do I sign up for Growth Academy?

Interested in signing up for Growth Academy? Head to our Growth Academy registration page. Enter some brief information like your name, email, and business, and you’ll get free, exclusive access to all the courses in Growth Academy.

After that? Sit back, pull out a notebook, and get ready to learn. We’ve done the hard part for you. Feel free to skip around to the lessons that interest you. Or, do the activities and assessments in order.

When you’re learning new skills, there’s no wrong way to do it.

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