eleven Creative Strategies for Facebook Ad Focusing on After the Changes

A while back again, one of our blog readers posted an opinion asking for targeting guidance within their industry. As an in-house acquisition internet marketer, I love a new challenge and chance to think outside the box when it comes to targeting. Therefore , after responding back to this guest, I had the idea for my following blog post: recommending creative targeting choices for a variety of industries.

Facebook ad concentrating on strategies industries

To get started, I enlisted the aid of the one and only Conor Bond . We asked him to challenge myself with 11 industry and audience combos to find creative, effective concentrating on strategies to work around Facebook’ s recent modifications . And following that, I plopped down into my veggie bag and got to digging via audience manager.

Before we get going, let’ s do a quick summarize of the state of Facebook marketing:

  • Potential reach: Latest studies show that there are second . 32 billion monthly active customers on Facebook. Now that’ t a whole lot of reach— and a great deal of potential for advertisers to reach the incorrect audience.
  • Advertising: Facebook documented an advertising revenue associated with $9. 16 billion in the 2nd quarter of 2017, a 47% year-over-year increase.
  • Targeting: Inspite of the changes to Facebook’ s concentrating on options over the past year, there are still a lot of choices for advertisers to find their target audience .

Inside these targeting options, there are 3 types of audiences:

  • Custom viewers
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Core audiences

Since I am not able to get in the rear end of each reader’ s analytics account or CRM data, I am going to only be providing core market recommendations throughout this post. However , I actually highly recommend that all Facebook advertisers power custom viewers and lookalike audiences for targeting in their promotions.

Okay, now that we’ ve accomplished some housekeeping, let’ s check out new Facebook focusing on strategies for these 11 industries searching for these 11 specific audiences.

1 ) Automotive industry: People in the market for new vehicles

Based on a study from Autotrader , car customers spend 59% of their car buyer’ s journey researching online. Which means that this audience is likely to engage with web pages posting content that helps with vehicle research. To capture this habits, I would recommend leveraging interest targeting towards company pages that fall into this particular category. Here are a few I came up with:

Interests → search for

  • Kelley Blue Book
  • Autotrader
  • CarMax
  • Car Gurus

Conveniently sufficient, there is an entire section dedicated to automobiles in the interest section of Facebook’ h core targeting options.

  • Hobbies & activities → automobiles
Facebook ad concentrating on by hobby "vehicles"

So , depending on what sort of car you are promoting, you can coating in one of these options to customize your offer to individuals who are interested in this car type.

truck meme

2 . Education: People who want a master’ s degree

If you know the story of Facebook’ s origin, you’ ll realize that this platform first started out customized to college students. As the platform progressed and the user base expanded, the concept stuck close to its roots— linking individuals with others in their educational, expert, and personal network.

The Social Network image

Since the platform started out geared towards this school network, educational information remains the featured part of user profiles. And because of this information, Facebook is able to offer marketers education-level targeting. This is the perfect kick off point for any higher education account looking to focus on an audience interested in pursuing the master’ s degree.

Demographics → education → education degree

  • College grad
  • Connect degree
  • In college

Demographics → education → college years

  • Undergrad yrs

However , when you drill in it, Facebook estimates over 69 mil in potential reach for users having a college degree (just looking at the US).

Facebook ad targeting by market potential reach

Again, that’ s an entire lotta reach, and not something marketers should target alone— especially if you’ re looking to spend your budget effectively.

To optimize your audience meaning, I would recommend layering in additional focusing on options. Now, to get there, let’ s get more specific and state we’ re a business school searching for potential MBA students:

Demographics → work → industries

  • Business & finance
  • Product sales
  • Management

Demographics → education → field of research

  • Business management
  • Company administrator
  • Business consultant

Interests → pages that assist in GMAT studies

  • GMAT+
  • Graduate management admission test
  • The state GMAT exam

a few. Travel and  hospitality: People who wish to take vacations       

As soon as I got started with this challenge, I discovered that there are a lot of ways to approach your own targeting for travel and food businesses. This gives advertisers in this room the flexibility to personalize their focusing on according to their offer and sum up by testing new audiences to enhance ad relevance and performance.

Facebook ad example for hotel

To get started, you are able to layer in broad interest choices, such as:

Interests → interests & activities → travel

  • Vacations
  • Tourism
  • Air travel

Interests → pages that will serve content around travel

  • Trip Advisor
  • Kayak. possuindo
  • Booking. com

Passions → airline pages

  • Jet Blue
  • Delta airlines
  • United air carriers

Behavior → vacation

  • Frequent travelers
  • Regular international travelers
  • Returned from traveling 1 week ago
  • Returned from journey 2 weeks ago

Like I actually said, this broad targeting is excellent place to start. Next, you’ ll wish to consider other information that informs choices to travel or interest in travelling. We considered life events that could infer that an user would be in-market traveling soon:

Demographics → living events

  • Newly involved (1 year)
  • Newly engaged (3 months)
  • Newly engaged (6 months)
  • Newly wed

But , hey there, let’ s make sure your prospect’ ersus experiences is in line with your advertising. We don’ t want one more Fyre Festival on our hands…

Fyre Festival social media post

4. Internet dating and  personal services: People thinking about romantic relationships

This is a tricky one since there are an estimated 36+ million users which have “ single” as their relationship standing on Facebook in the US.

Facebook ad targeting simply by relationship status "single"

But not all of these individuals are accurately reporting this information and, even though they are, single doesn’ t indicate interested in a relationship. Instead, let’ s consider additional signals which could infer the user is looking for a romantic relationship:

Demographics → relationship status:

Interests → family and relationships:

Interests → webpages that serve content around courting:

  • Bumble
  • Hinge
  • Christian Mingle

Aside from the individual’ s characteristics, this industry may consider the impact an user’ s i9000 friends may have on their behavior. There’ s nothing that makes you want to begin swiping like an influx of conserve the dates from all of your close friends.

example conserve the date

Here’ s how to focus on based on this demographic:

Demographics → life occasions → friends of:

  • Friends of recently engaged people
  • Friends of newly weds

five. Arts and  entertainment: People who need live shows

As mentioned in other sections, audience layering is a strategy all of the advertisers should leverage to improve the particular relevancy of their ads. By paring down broad concentrating on options, you can find smaller pockets inside your target audience that are more interested or even more likely to be interested in your current promotion. Therefore , for this industry, I will give 2 examples of how pivoting your technique by promotion can make a considerable distinction.

First, let’ s say We are an advertiser with a goal associated with selling tickets to a live Cardi B concert. Here’ s the way i would target my ideal target audience based on interests:

Interest → entertainment → live events

Interest → Cardi M

Interests → enjoyment → music

  • Hiphop music

I’ d furthermore use radius location targeting throughout the venue to reach any people who may be persuaded by proximity or searching for last-minute tickets.

Cardi B meme

And the next campaign, I am looking for people who would be interested in the live visit of Wicked:

Interest → entertainment → live Events

Interest → entertainment → musical Theatre

Curiosity → Wicked the Musical

I’ d use radius place targeting around the venue here, as well. You never know when someone’ s i9000 in the market for last-minute tickets to Ounces

6. Finance and  insurance policy:   P eople who need help financial planning for pension

In the event that you’ re in the financial plus insurance business, you know that your customers for retirement planning is different. You can’ t narrow lower by age or occupation, mainly because most adults in most jobs could want to consider planning for retirement.

image of people running on beach

No, not just planning to proceed to the beach or start every day running in the water.

Here’ s how you can focus on people who are likely to be considering their monetary plans for retirement:

Demographics → mother and father → all parents

  • Parents (all)
  • Parents with grownup children (18-26 years)

Interests → business & sector → personal finance

  • Investment


  • Pension planning
  • Retirement savings account

Interests → financial planning organization pages

  • Vanguard
  • ADP
  • Fidelity
  • AARP

seven. Home and  garden:   P eople who own houses

In the event that you’ re in the home and backyard industry, you’ re looking for property owners.

image of homeowners

Once I got began, I found that there is quite a range of choices to infer home ownership to your home and garden promotions, which includes an entire section for “ house & garden. ”

Here’ t what I’ d suggest beginning with:

Interests → hobbies & activities → home & backyard

  • Home improvement
  • Do it yourself (DIY)
  • Home appliances

Demographics → recently moved

Passions → business & industry → design

  • Interior design

Interests → pages for property renovation shows, for example:

  • Fixer Upper
  • Property Brothers
  • Flip or even Flop

8. Store: People who want to buy shoes online

Let’ ersus be real, who isn’ to always in the market for new shoes? Specifically our in-house analyst, Patrick Henry — I don’ t think I’ ve never known someone who enjoys shoes more than this guy.

ads for sneakers

Here’ s i9000 how I would use behavior plus interest targeting to reach someone looking to purchase new shoes:

Behaviors → purchase actions

  • Engaged shoppers

Interests → shopping & fashion → clothing

Interests → shopping & style → shopping

  • Buying online

Interests → additional pages that sell shoes

  • DSW Designer Shoe Storage place
  • Zappos
  • ShoeDazzle

nine. Real estate: People interested in selling their particular homes

The Association of Real Estate Permit Law Officials (ARELLO) estimates there are about 2 million active real-estate licensees in the United States . Now, that’ s lots of professionals looking to find people who are in the market for property services, making this a highly competitive sector for advertisers.

My first believed when approaching this industry had been to use life events that recommend an individual may be looking to make this kind of purchase:

Demographics → lifetime events

  • Newly involved
  • Newlyweds
  • Recently moved

Interests → personal finance

  • Mortgage loans
  • Investment

Interests → pages that assist content around real estate services & advice

For more Facebook marketing ideas in the real estate industry, check out these types of 7 killer tips .

10. Physical fitness: People who would be interested in a personal coach

Whether or not you’ re advertising workout clothes, fitness classes, or gym subscriptions, fitness marketing is a competitive sector.

fitness remarketing offer

To target people interested in personal training periods, I’ d suggest narrowing lower your audience based on fitness passions that closely align with custom made personal training sessions, like high-intensity courses and high-end fitness apparel.

Here’ s just how:

Passions → fitness and wellness:

  • Physical exercise
  • Physical fitness
  • Running

Interests → pages associated with fitness & wellness

  • Healthy living magazine
  • MyFitnessPal

Interests → pages meant for popular gyms:

  • Earth fitness
  • Orange Theory
  • Gold’ ersus Gym

Interests → pages related to fitness apparel:

  • Fabletics
  • Lululemon Athletica
  • Athleta

11. B2B:   B usinesses that require a new payroll software

Now, this was an alternative challenge.

As an advertiser that operates Fb ads for a B2B company , I understand the particular limitations in exclusively leveraging Facebook’ s detailed targeting options for a good ad set. But you always have the choice to combine demographic plus interest-based targeting in order to narrow down your search to find a possible prospect.

Demographics → work titles

  • Payroll supervisor
  • Payroll administrator
  • Human resource movie director
  • Human resource specialist

Interests → pages with articles around payroll services

  • QuickBooks
  • Gusto
  • Paylocity Corporation

By creating these parameters along with job titles and interests, you’ re more likely to reach your focus on audience— trust me.

B2B Facebook advertisement example

That’ s all for the time being, folks!

There you have it: my comprehensive targeting recommendations for 11 different sectors. I hope that this post has assisted spark some new targeting concepts for your next campaign. And while we’ re on the topic of Fb targeting, make sure you take a look at our totally free Fb ads grader . You’ ll get an individualized performance report filled with actionable information to help you improve your Facebook ads technique today!

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